Gleaming Tafetta Skirt


Beautiful 100% recycled taffeta skirt with pockets in the side seams . This gorgeous evening skirt was recreated from an old ball gown. It makes a gorgeous and versatile skirt and its machine washable. 

I added a zip fastener and button at the waist.  It looks great with the recycled corsetted topbas shown but also more casually with the plain vest top too ! You can dress it up or down depending on your occasions , its versatility and washability add further to its sustainable credentials.  

The waist measures 32 inches so its a UK size 14 . However I can alter it up or down a few sizes upon request.  As usual   its best to contact me before purchase so I can offer you a fully tailored experience.  

Its 35 inches long down the centre front ftom the lower edge of the waistband.  

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