Esablished 1992, Psychomoda is a designer fashion store in situated in the heart of Edinburghs old Town.

At Psychomoda I make clothes from new fabric, old fabric , and sometimes not even fabric at all ! I  create knitwear , and crochet, corsetry, and evening wear, I can  break rules, and disregard tradition,   I try to use fabrics in a new way, putting them together in surprising combinations and cuts.

I love to hand finish, and embellish with lace and beadwork, vintage notions sit alongside super modern fibres, and the new sits alongside the old  on the rails, and sometimes in the actual garments themselves. We have designer made on the premises collections, Also , vintage , knitwear , jewellery and soap. sometimes , I just see a bit of fabric and make it into something I like, as a one off piece, or small collection. In the store this all works together in an unexpected riot of colour and design. Its like no other shop, in its individuality.


On this website , you can chose from a selection of garments that are ready to wear, as well as  see a selection of garments that I have made in the past and you can order made to measure . For these options please chose 'shop' then collections. Garments are grouped to make it easier for you to browse. A particular collection will have its own page , such as  knitwear or  tartan.

You might have a special request , maybe something from my past collections, or an idea of your own . maybe you want me to design something individual for you, a wedding dress for example. In that case , email me with the address on the 'contact ' page or message me on Facebook.

I am proud of having always been size, race and gender inclusive. I can design specifically for anyone, for any occasion.

Sustainability Manifesto

Since the advent of fast fashion in the 1980s the fashion industry has become one of the worst polluters of the planet , second only to the oil industry in its waste products , water and air pollution.

Millions of people around the world , usually young women work long hours  in unsanitary and dangerous factories , usually for pitifully small wages , which their employers think nothing of withholding from them for the slightest reason.    Child and slave labour are not uncommon, and unions are banned.

Large swathes of land are given over to crops such as cotton , and millions of gallons of water are used , polluted and put back into the water system full of chemicals and dyes .  Biodiversity is lost and animal species are disappearing , replaced by generic crops and herd animals for the production of leather and wool.

Traditional crafts are lost forever as lifestyles change and people must work in factories to make a living.

Natural resources like oil are being depleted for the creation of artificial fibres like polyester , precious metals and minerals are mined, creating ruined landscapes and poverty wages for those who mine them.

Once the garments are  in the home , they continue on their cycle of harming the planet , using massive amounts of water in unnecessary excess  laundering , shedding micro plastics into the waterways and being discarded into landfill after only a few wears.

All because of our insatiable desire for more clothes, at a cheaper and cheaper price. 

In my own studies I have reckoned that clothes are now average 277%  cheaper now than they were in the 1980s. High street giants not only feed this greed , they have made clothes into a disposable commodity . 

We all as the world population need to come together to stop this massive wheel from turning.  This begins at home . buying less,making better choices ,  only getting things that we will wear frequently  , re using, handing down , and  recycling . Supporting eco textiles that are produced without harming the planet , and  there are other ways we can all make a small difference. 

The problem will not end until the massive companies take note , and  laws are changed but until then we can all start changing our mind set towards a more sustainable future.  The high street chains will change  if enough of us demand it . I've seen changes for the better already as more and more people become aware of the problem.

As  a life long career designer , I have always tried my best to offer an interesting alternative to fast fashion. As a student we were expected to join that industry but I rebelled and followed my own path. I have been self employed for over 30 years.

 from 1992, a recycled pinafore

To start with , just the fact that my garments are individually hand made already makes them more sustainable, but I am keen to go further than that.

I try to create interesting and unusual garments that catch the eye,  and draw peoples attention, offering an alternative that makes the wearer, and those who see it  think a bit about what they wear , who made it , and whether it is contributing to the problem or the solution. 

I believe there is no point in me churning out the same kind of things that you buy anywhere else , I want my customers to stand out , and feel special. Feel part of the growing sustainable movement.

I also create artistic costume pieces, mostly from recycled items and scraps, for photography or fashion shows, which I then  publish on my social media along with researched information relating to sustainability. my intention is to catch the attention of readers and inspire them to make sustainable choices of their own.


a lot of my pieces are made from , or include recycled , or upcycled or remnant fabric.   I will continue doing this , and use less new fabric .


When I use new fabric I will endeavour to support companies that are producing in a more eco or animal friendly manner. I'll look for recycled yarns and organic cottons, recycled polyesters etc.

I will update and change my sustainable practice as I learn more and find more ways of doing so. I shall consider it a learning process , for both myself and my interested customers.

I have a facebook group called Sustainable clothing for everyone , where we share articles and general knowledge and tips about how to make a difference in our own wardrobe choices.

I teach fashion skills and sustainability at a local recycling hub, and I continue to study and learn.