About Us


 Esablished 1992, Psychomoda is a designer fashion store in situaed in the heart of Edinburghs old Town.

At Psychomoda I make clothes from new fabric, old fabric , and sometimes not even fabric at all ! I   create knitwear , and crochet, corsetry, and evening wear, I can  break rules, and disregard tradition,   I try to use fabrics in a new way, putting them together in surprising combinations and cuts.

 I love to hand finish, and embellish with lace and beadwork, vintage notions sit alongside super modern fibres, and the new sits alongside the old  on the rails, and sometimes in the actual garments themselves. We have designer made on the premises collections, as well as vintage and budget ranges. sometimes , I just see a bit of fabric and make it into something I like, as a one off piece, or small collection. In the store this all works together in an unexpected riot of colour and design. Its like no other shop, in its individuality.

 On this website, I will offer certain pieces to you , from a selection over all the collections.  there will be designer collection, knitwear, vintage and budget items. please do not hestiate to contact me afor any further details about the garments you see. Often they can be made to measure or tweaked  to perfection for you. follow us on facebook for a more in depth  look and day to day news

Now available , Edinburgh Aromatics , a small range of beautiful naturally fragranced soaps , all certified to EU cosmetic safety standards.