Buckle skirt


New design ! Ultra sustainable garment that leaves no waste , and changes with your body.

Gorgeous asymetic shape creates interesting folded fall. The shortest point will be above the knee and the longest to your shins. The skirt can be positioned at the waist whatever way you feel is most flattering . 

Folded skirt buckled at the waist , made from 3 fabrics of your choice from tartan , velvet and tweed selection. Fully lined with quality paisley lining and with leather buckle straps.

Cut in a way that leaves very little waste fabric 

The skirt can be easily altered to fit you if your body changes within 2 sizes by adjustable straps , or by further sizes by getting the straps moved simply . This garment will therfore last you a lifetime , or be  passed to another wearer in time. 

 As with all of my designs , you are best to contact me either using the contact button , or on my Facebook page before purchase , to discuss all the options .

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