Eight yard medium weight ladies kilt


Stunning 100% premium wool , woven in the UK,    medium weight tartan cloth .

Why should the boys have all the fun ? Here I have used traditional kilt making techniques along with my vast knowledge of fitting ladies wear , to create a full kilt that will fit and flatter a ladies figure . This is not a ' tartan skirt ' or a ' ladies style kilt ' it has all the fullness and style you would normally find in a gents kilt . 

The kilt , available in a vast array of tartan patterns and colours is entirely hand sewn and  can be made specifically to your own measurements and length subject to you supplying only a few basic measurements.  Because of the shaping , no belt is required and it needs only 2 leather straps and buckles to sit comfortably.  

Because the cloth is medium weight , it doesn't feel stiff or too thick , and matches the other items in my collection perfectly, to help you create a sustainable modular wardrobe . 

 As with all my designs , message me before purchase to explore the many available options .

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