Voucher ( multiples of £20 )


Posted to your door , with blank area to write your own message, Psychomoda gift vouchers are available in multiples of £20, and are a great gift solution for birthdays or Xmas pressies. and may be used as payment or part payment against anything in store. Gift vouchers are non refundable and no change can be given. Gift vouchers may be used against the price of having a garment made to measure.. You may pass them on to a friend or relative, but they must be used within 3 months of  the purchase date, which will be written on the voucher. If you buy one for Xmas, they must be used before the end of march. 

Order vouchers in multiples of £20 , for example if you want to send £40 , buy 2 vouchers. I will total the amount into one voucher for you unless you request them separate.  

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