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Gorgeous red silk skirt and top set made from a vintage kimono 

 I made this as part of a sustainable fashion project  I have named 'Waist knot ' as a wordplay on the saying 'waste not want not ' 

 All of the items in the collection have been made from vintage kimonos which had for one reason or another come to the end of their usefulness in that form.  I collected , unpicked and washed all the kimono fabric myself and can gaurantee its authenticity . the term 'waist knot ' also refers to the wrap belts that feature througout the collection  as one of a series of unique multi sizing techniques I have used to furthere the sustainability of the items.

 This skirt and top set can fit anyone from around a uk size 12 to a small 16 . the size is easily adjusted by simply moving a button  and  some pop studs on the skirt 

 the aaprox measurements are 


bust 40 inches (102cm)

 waist 36 inches to 35 inches (92cm )

top length from shoulder to waist 21.5 inches (55cm )


waist 32 -35 inches (82-89cm)

 hips 42 to 44 inches (107 to 112cm)

 skirt length from lower edge of waist band to hem 23.5 inches  (60cm)

The top cannot be changed in size but is equally nice as a loose fit on a 12 to a more close fit on a small 16

 Both items are made from the same absolutely gorgeous red silk which has a tiny subtle pattern in black and white on it . Its also textured and very striking. The waist knot belt is approx  186 inches ( 2 meteres 30cm)  and is made from an absolutely stunning patterned silk print . as shown it can also be worn as a neck tie instead.

 The fabric is in very good condition , it has no visible marks or fkaws and its got a nice weight . both garments rae fully lined and the top has a broad band of red satin at the waist , as well as a little button at the back of the neck.

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