Hello everyone ! April 10 2014, 0 Comments

22 years ago when I opened my first shop , I would never have dreamed that one day I would be sitting here writing a blog post , as it happens, we didnt have blogs, or websites, or even internet access. A designer simply designed stuff, and hopefully sold it, from the window, or out and about at markets and craft fairs.

Psychomoda is an extension of me, and my personality. I design and make clothing that is meant to be fun and make you happy when you wear it. I like to inspire confidence, and bring out the sassy side of you.

 I make clothes from new fabric, old fabric , and sometimes not even fabric at all ! I create knitwear , and crochet, corsetry, and evening wear, I  can  break rules, and disregard tradition,   I try to use fabrics in a new way, putting them together in surprising combinations and cuts.

 I love to hand finish, and embellish with lace and beadwork, vintage notions sit alongside super modern fibres, and the new sits alongside the old  on the rails, and sometimes in the actual garments themselves. We have designer made on the premises collections, as well as vintage and budget ranges. sometimes , I just see a bit of fabric and make it into something I like, as a one off piece, or small collection. In the store this all works together in an unexpected riot of colour and design. Its like no other shop, in its individuality. Customers often 'fall in love' and return again and again, for which I am eternally grateful for their support over the years.

 I like to think of Psychomoda as if it were a wardrobe at home. ( albeit a big and eclectic wardrobe) there are some luxe designer items that you drool over and bring out on special occasions, some less expensive but still quirky more everyday items, some budget items that you just wear all the time, and some delicious vintage treasures that you inherited from your gran, or bought down the lanes on your last away weekend somewhere trendy.

 My old website was an extension of this. A sprawling colourful information centre, an extension of creativity. Unfortunately  however, time moves on , and I now need to concentrate more on online selling. This translates as needing a clear cut simple to use , clean website like this. Its difficult to translate my work in this way. Ive never put emphasis on traditional sizing or available colours etc, having always been able to make to measure and adapt designs for the individual, so there will be a transition process. please bear with me, while I reign myself in.

 of course, the shop will still be as mad as you are used to, and i will try to project that individuality onto this page. The best way to see Psychomoda, is just to dive in, and thats what I need to do now , so , here I gooooooooooo !!!


 Heres a pretty picture, of one of my popular corsetted top and skirt sets, a one off, made from wool fabric. shown here on stage at the Royal Highland Show 2014. picture by Howard Ashton jones.