Capes April 16 2018, 1 Comment

For a good while now I've been into capes .

They're something I've allways liked personally and seem to have passed into the realm of fashion classic . Worn with jeans and boots for example they are the epitome of casual chic. 

I was spurred on to make some by the chance find of a couple of vintage beauts . A little cleaning and loving care was all that was needed to restore these gorgeous pieces to life.



The tartan one was so popular on face book it sold in 10 minutes and never made the website ! The classic 60s style black and white one is still available in store and on The website as we speak. 

I found a beautiful wool tartan blanket and recycled it into this cape which is my own design . I was particularly interested in creating a wearable hood . (I'm allways dissapointed with hoods that don't  function on a garment.  ) the design is very full and swingy , being almost a full circle . It doesn't need arm slits as it is roomy and stops just above the hands . This one also sold immediately ! 

I've also sourced the most adorable print cotton blend vintage style linings. When you move your arms , people get a glimpse of it. 

I've finished it with a lovely metal clasp. 

This seafoam coloured cape is made from vintage wool fabric that I dyed myself. 

There's going to be a lot more. . So keep your eyes peeled ❤