2021 in review . December 29 2021, 0 Comments

2021 started with another covid lockdown as we are all aware . The national mood was low and I found it difficult to motivate myself to be creative . I decided that mask making was no longer for me but thankful for all of you who bought them from me , thus allowing me to continue my creative journey .

A new idea was forming in my mind, I had to push myself out of my comfort zone . With this in mind I set about overhauling and modernising my entire business . 

Starting with the shop refit . After spending years wishing for one , the enforced shop closures created an ideal opportunity.  I had a longed for mezzanine floor  built,  and  happily moved my workshop up there. 

The new look shop

The new shop interior

No longer working in a cold and  lonely basement I was inspired! 

I overhauled my website , Instagram and Facebook pages so they all match each other , and the shop visually . Creating a stronger brand to move forwards into the future. 

A re-start grant enabled me to bring together my strongest selling designs into a permanent collection,  of which there are going to be at least 1 example of every item ,  in store for viewing , at all times .  This is called my Couture collection and can be seen  in the online shop on this website .

My best sellers are now available to view instore .

Best sellers from my collection 

I will add new designs as I go along .

New designs in my permanent collection.

New additions to the collection 

To accommodate my recycled and one off items   I have created a ready to wear section both instore and online . Here I can continue to put more experimental pieces or lovely vintage re- makes for example. 

One off original items

One off items 

Upcycled items

Recycled and upcycled 

I have a small but pretty selection of  hand selected vintage too. 

Lovely vintage items

Quality vintage 

I have an area within the store , Avalanche , which is in Waverly Mall . There , I have vintage , second hand and up cycled items . I've opened a Facebook page called " Old town vintage " to accommodate all of my vintage outlets and offers in one place . 

Section at Avalanche

Rails at Avalanche 

I've been very lucky in that my customers have supported me with all your likes , shares and purchases . Every single thing is appreciated as always but especially at times like this when nothing is certain.  I've had the great pleasure of making some fab made to measures,  both from my collection and special designs . 

Customer Joanne in her off the peg dress and made to measure jacket to match

Joanne wears off the peg upcycled dress and made to measure jacket 

Customer Renata in her one off made to measure jacket

Renata wears made to measure jacket 

Last but not least , I've taken up a new skill . A long awaited ambition , which is traditional kiltmaking . I'm studying it at the fantastic Kiltmakery in Leith , which I highly recommend.  

Me , with my first ever kilt

Me with my first finished kilt 

I'm not sure exactly where kilt making will take me , but I can say that very soon in the new year I will be able to start offering kilts in my collection   from stock and made to measure . I hope you're all going to love them . Watch the Facebook page for the new arrivals very soon .

Kiltmaking is offering me a new world of creative opportunities.

Kilt making offers many new creative opportunities 

Happy new year to all who have read my blog   and wish you health and happiness in the year to come.  Take very good care of yourselves 

With love from Alison x ❤