Burdz December 08 2014, 3 Comments

I hope you have been enjoying all the beautiful pictures from the bird shoot, or 'Burdz' as we, who were involved  have termed it .

An amazing team to work with,

Model: Elaine Ford . Designer: Alison Harm @ Psychomoda , Hair: Louise Quinn . Make up: Susie Bloice , Location: Balgeddie House Hotel with Stuart Milne Falconry  Photo: Howard Ashton-Jones @PSBPhoto. 


When I was invited to join a small but highly skilled team for the shoot with the birds I was delighted. I've seen some other work with birds of prey before , and thought It could be something my dresses would suit.



 When we woke up that morning, it was chucking it down, we really couldn't have chosen a worse day to shoot outside, but I was really excited and nothing was going to spoil the fun.I love a good photo shoot day, and this one was no exception. The Hotel is absolutely gorgeous, and made us very welcome, above  is a picture from the gardens, looking back to the bay window where we took the indoor shots., Below is a picture of Lynn,in the ante-room of the grand ballroom of the hotel, which was  kindly allowed to us, as a prep area.

  One of the models, Elaine, gave me a lift , and Howard, the photographer had arranged the whole thing, so all I had to do was turn up, with the clothes. when we got there, everyone else was already there, and Susie (make up ) and Louise (hair) were half way through Lynn's look. I was amazed, as always at the process, and this time the theme was creative, so everyone was letting their imaginations loose. There were hairpieces and blushers all over the place.

 A very welcome addition to the days proceedings was Susies' beautiful baby, Ella, who was really as good as gold all day, and what a little poppet she is too, So I had a little chat with her while her mum got on with the business.


 Hair and make up applied, and fittings done ( nothing to change ) we went out into the lounge of the beautiful hotel. Howard  and I had selected a location ,( which was the window,) and  we messed about with furniture and curtains until we got what we wanted, which turned out to be no furniture or curtains!

 below pictures, messing about with the lights.




 The birds of prey were brought in one by one  as required. The first was a lovely little kestrel, who have to wear their hoods indoors so as not to get startled. She looked so pretty in it. I was very impressed with  Stuart the bird man, he really knew his stuff, and we learned a lot about their routines, feeding and work they do.

He had an amazing rapport with the birds, which were all in beautiful condition.I would recommend him to anyone.for  an educational event or party. the birds are immaculate and obviously very bonded with him.


 When it came to the outside shots, the weather and light were horrendous so we were very limited with time, but, like troupers, the girls got stuck in. No princess behaviour there, I can tell you ! 

To gasps of awe and wonder, out came the big birds, an Eagle Owl which looked straight out of Hogwarts , and an American Hawk with amazing rust coloured plumage . They were released to fly freely and they soared above our heads,  I was completely smitten. I didn't know how he was going to re call them, but a simple whistle and a bit of food, and back they came.  The smaller  garden birds fled, and the crows and magpies  started all sorts of defensive  behaviour . It  was very interesting to see the reaction of the other wildlife to them.

 Th fabulous shot with the Hawk landing on Lynn's arm was obviously a little difficult to capture, but with Howard's amazing timing, and Lynn's steadfast pose , in the face off an enormous bird landing on her arm were commendable, especially considering the rain chucking down.

 Elaine was also fabulous in managing to remain so composed with the gigantic owl sitting majestically on her glove.



After the shoot ended, and we all packed away and goodbyes said, I was very happy with the way it went.  My only regret is that my pearl bracelet snapped while i was standing on the patio watching the shoot, and pearls went pinging off in every direction. So, if you are visiting the hotel, keep your eyes open, you might be lucky enough to find them ;-)