Choosing Vintage Items For You January 26 2015, 0 Comments

 I love shopping for vintage items to sell in the shop, digging and delving in amongst all the stuff , searching for that certain something that sets a garment aside from the others, that I can offer to you at a reasonable price, Its a process that can take hours , and I can spend whole days rummaging for them ! I know all the best places, and have it down to an art form !

Here's a picture of me in a 80's jacket I have taken a fancy to !

 Some of the vintage I buy is from here in Scotland, but a lot of it comes fro Amsterdam, where they have a lively second hand clothes scene on a scale unparalleled her in the UK. I also find that they have a different selection than we find here, a quirky style, and that often the clothes have been made with lasting quality in mind, as opposed to our own 'throw away' fashion culture. 

This  original  1960's dress came from Amsterdam

There are many reasons to buy used clothing.  , Environmental issues, caring about the working conditions abroad, are of course of utmost importance, and on an individual level, standing out from the crowd, vintage trends or simply looking for good quality at a reasonable price are all interesting and valid points.

When I search through all the piles of stuff for you, I like to think I am providing a service, I am spending my time doing that , so you dont have to ! I pre -select  individual items that catch my eye for one reason or another. I like to think that every item I offer has something going for it. I dont just pick up pre- packed bags, or buy  by the kilo, which would inevitably lead to me acquiring a load of junk along with a few decent items, therefore, I am never needing to try and sell rubbish to you and trying to pass it off as good.

 Beautiful Quality, or Quirky style, all catches my eye, this jacket has both !

When selecting , I have to think of everyone, you cant go looking for vintage with much of an idea in mind, its more a case of looking at what is available and visualizing who or when it would be worn. I try to keep all you ladies in mind, young and mature, slim and plus.

These pictures were taken on a recent shoot, with a mix of 80's 60's and 70's items

Sometimes a batch of vintage might become available in one particular style , for instance, a batch of 1960's dresses, or a batch of 1980's office wear. this week, I have found a treasure chest of smart coats and jackets, suitable for ladies who want to look smart on a daily basis. sometimes, its glam evening wear. Its all good stuff, and I hope you enjoy it . I will post again about WEARING second hand and vintage in the future, and how it can be accessible to all ages and sizes.

This  Quality velvet jacket is from the selection I have just added.