Fashion Able fashion show, the backstage story May 12 2017, 2 Comments

So today was the day of  the Fashion Able fashion show at Waverly Station, a fair trade , body positive event celebrating diversity in fashion and clothing. I was very happy to take part.

 When I first arrived , models were getting their hair and make up done and the finishing touches were being added to the catwalk , and seating.  I spied Ms Gail Porter peeping around the corner of the changing  tents and just went over to introduce myself. Gail turned out to be  a lovely lady and we had a nice chat . she popped backstage to see my

outfits. I asked her for a selfie , and she obliged .

I set up my rail with the outfits I had selected and the girls started coming up for their fittings. the press photographer Wullie Marr arrived , and I had arranged with him to have some girls ready for a little shoot . so the first 4 girls to be ready went off with him to get their pictures taken


Here are Toyra , Daniella and Ira. 

Time passed very quickly and it got really busy backstage. My set was on first as they are a bit more complex to put on and take a little time, so I had just about enough time to get them all ready , then we  all went and waited in the tunnel for the show to begin. This is allways one of my gavourite times in an event , everyone is excited and a little nervous , but all looking fab and ready to go !


Heather and her adorable daughter Ella, who was a  little shy to start with but was delighted with her Baby Moda dress , which I let her keep.

last minute make up touch up for Olga and Stacy

of course , selfies are a must !

Here's another one of me with everyone,s favourite Girly piper , Louise Marshall , what a

total babe she is  X

everyone excited , waiting inline.

Vaya dressed and ready , 


Raygan , ready to go on       Olga , rocking her lace look


Lou and Gail 

 everyone is ready and its show time !

 Ill blog the show separately 

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